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I am Thierry Rivette, Husband, Father of 3 Beautiful Daughters, a Web Developer, Certified EKG Technician, Patient Care Technician, and Businessman

My Mission

Helping you put your business online is critical for your success

Your site is on of the reference of what you represent in your domain. It is where you can tell people about you, sell your services or products and start building a relationship with them. With that being said, I can build, design and maintain your site easily. All for a month to month rate or settled cost, less than the taken a toll of a committed group part. I can handle all the specialized stuff whereas you focus on learning how to manage certain little thing that I will teach you to help you grow your business for free.

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Security Protection

My focus is on your Happiness!

Security is essential to protect your privacy.

Whether your are selling, offering services or blogging, you and  other people’s privacy is very important to me. I will make sure that every contact and transaction are secure to maintain a good customer’s experience on your website


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